The Legacy


1930s: Founded by Samuel Grunberger.
1950s: Samuel and Marcel Grunberger employed over 1000 people in Belgium.
World ExpoSamuel Grunberger recognized as a major contributor to the Belgian diamond industry at the 1958 World Diamond Expo.
1960s: Under Marcel Grunberger’s direction became the world’s largest producer of well-made full-cut and single-cut diamonds.
Samuel and Marcel Grunberger received special recognition from the King of Belgium for their contribution to the Belgian diamond industry.
1980s: Marcel Grunberger relocated production to Thailand under Belgian technicians.
1990s: Marcel Grunberger built second factory in Vietnam.
David Grunberger opened the New York sales office.
Koninkrijk Belfie BoudewijnMarcel Grunberger is recognized for his contribution to the growth of small- and medium-sized businesses in Belgium.
2000s: David and Simon Grunberger opened the Hong Kong sales office.
koninkrijk_belgie-iconMarcel Grunberger received recognition from King Albert II and the Minister of Economic Affairs of Belgium for his long service to the Belgian economy and meritorious service to the Belgian State.
diamond-trader-iconThe Federation of Belgian Diamond Bourses granted the title of Diamond Trader to Marcel Grunberger.
2010s: Simon Grunberger opened the Japan sales office.

Grunberger Diamond Factory

Samuel Grunberger started the company that is still growing and expanding today. Marcel Grunberger (Samuel’s son) has continued that growth and is preparing his sons (David and Simon) to drive the company forward.

Ideal CutMarcel Grunberger is running the Antwerp office. Simon Grunberger is running the Japan and Hong Kong offices. David Grunberger is running the U.S. sales office and preparing to take over the tasks of managing a worldwide company.

“We don’t just believe in selling a commodity, we believe in selling a product that will benefit our customer and the industry. After all the essence of producing or making a diamond is to have maximum brilliance and no more or less than that.”

— David Grunberger