Our Diamonds

The Grunberger Precision Cut®

Choose the Best DiamondsTo give you the very best diamonds at the very best price possible is a story that starts over 80 years ago.

We take all the knowledge and experience from three generations to produce our special Grunberger Precision Cut® diamonds. Starting with rough diamonds, we purchase very specific types of rough such as sawables, from a small list of resources we’ve had a relationship with for decades. This helps us with the Kimberly Process and knowing exactly what we are buying, reducing any chance of foreign or unnatural products into our organization.

Our Cutting Facility

BrutingWe have our own cutting facility in Vietnam. Our Belgian technicians teach and oversee the 1000 person factory responsible for cutting these extraordinary diamonds, as well as producing the highly specialized tooling needed to produce The Grunberger Precision Cut®.

Each and every piece of rough is skillfully turned into a finished masterpiece through a skill set that has been passed down from generations of Belgian cutters, and learned through the direction of a Grunberger and the drive to produce something so perfect and consistently. Every diamond has a specific color, clarity, and size that varies, but is still proportionally consistent from one to another.

Our Service

Loupe ReviewOur piece of diamond perfection is brought to you through the Grunberger Diamonds organization in three continents. With four sales offices, this control and distribution ensures our diamonds get to you in the most efficient and safest way possible – directly from us to you.

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To see the Grunberger Precision Cut® difference, please feel free to contact us. We only sell to the trade, so if you are a consumer, please call us at (516) 482-6212, and we will gladly direct you to a respected jeweler in your area.