Hearts and Arrows

Ideal CutWhat are Hearts And Arrows Diamonds?

True Heart and Arrows diamonds are cut to ideal proportions with a superior optical symmetry and very specific faceting pattern that produces a repeatable optical pattern of eight hearts when viewed through the pavilion facets and eight arrows when viewed through the crown.

Why Hearts and Arrows?

Hearts and Arrows diamonds are the very best technology and history have to offer in precision, light return, and cutting ability. The idea behind Hearts and Arrows is to give you the most beautiful diamond possible…period. While delivering the highest possible brilliance, fire and sparkle, they are superior in light returned to the eyes from inside the diamond. The brilliance and light return make a H&A diamond appear larger and more alive than any other diamond.

Hearts and Arrows ProportionsHow Do You Get Hearts and Arrows?

Cut grades from GIA and AGS encompass a range of sizes and angles for each facet, and grouping of facets. These ranges depict the best technology and artistry the labs have to grade from. Hearts and Arrows take these ranges of “best” and hone them down to fractions of a degree in tolerance to make a truly rare and exquisite find of precision and beauty.

The History of the Hearts and Arrows Cut and Grading

1988: Hearts and Arrows was born in Japan
1990: Hearts and Arrows viewer was invented
1996: AGS opened their own lab to grade and convey cut with the 0-10 scale still used today.
Late 1990s: AGS became the lab of choice for H/A dealers because of the cut grading capabilities.
2005: AGS developed the Angular Spectrum Evaluation Tool. This is a tool used to calculate a diamond’s ability to reflect, refract, and return light to the observer.
2006: GIA came up with their “excellent” cut grading system that is still used today. Not all “excellent” diamonds are the same.
2008: AGS introduces the current Diamond Quality Document Platinum report (with ASET image). This is where H/A diamonds are most obvious in grading technologies.